Great Wall holds a collage of scenery

Badaling Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall, located in the northwest suburb of Beijing, is a pass of Jundu Mountain. It extends in all directions and therefore got its name as Badaling.

The Badaling Great Wall is the first part of the Great Wall that was opened to the public and is regarded as the soul of the entire Great Wall. It is a must-visit scenic spot for tourists visiting Beijing.

Due to the strategic importance of Badaling, it was the place where the military fought in the past. The Badaling Great Wall became the martial strongpoint as early as the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) and the Warring States Period (475-221 BC).

   Sino-US ties in spotlight at Harvard forum

Leaders in politics, business, academia and entertainment gathered at Harvard University over the weekend for an annual conference to discuss international affairs and the future of China's development.

The 25th Harvard College China Forum, under the theme "Extraordinary times", was held at Harvard from Friday to Saturday. Founded in 1997, the forum is North America's leading and longest-running conference on China organized by students.

"With more than 1,000 Chinese students on the campus, Chinese student is the largest group of international students at Harvard," China's Ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, said during a video speech at the opening ceremony. "It is a vivid microcosm of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the US.